Welcome Back!

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After months of waiting I finally got my new domain.

Those of you who watched the linuxinstall.net podcast know I had a "less than professional" backdrop, basically my basement.

When that project dissolved I thought why not embrace that theme, and thus this site was born.

It took a while to settle on a new blog platform. Friends asked why I didn't use Wordpress again as before. I have no real reason other than it being overly complicated for my needs.

I moved all the old posts over for posterity and took down the old site which will eventually act more as a portal for various family projects.

Things seem to have settled down enough in my personal life that I should have time to post content again on some kind of "regular" interval ... hopefully.

I will continue to customize things here over the next few weeks. Topics may not always be technology related, but are guaranteed to have taken place in Walt's Basement.

Where are they now?

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Ever wonder what happened to all the gadgets mentioned here last year? I didn’t think so, but I’ll write about it anyway.

Fit-PC Slim: Still running strong. Been on 24/7 since purchase, hidden behind a Batman action figure. Convenient headless Linux box, and possibly the best ‘NAS’ device I’ve ever owned. Love it.

Dell Mini 9: Mostly sits on a shelf. Updated the RAM to 2gig. Still running OSX, iLife, etc. No real complaints, just haven’t really needed a netbook lately but considering its resale value, I’ll keep it for coolness factor.

Nokia N810: Boxed. Been meaning to sell it for a while now, just haven’t gotten around to it. Last few attempts a new project would catch my eye, but then dwindle like so many others before. It is still a very useful device, just not for me (reason why will be clear in a future post).

Sony PSP: Still my favorite handheld game system. It gets used when games I am interested in come out. Didn’t feel the need to upgrade to the newer Go version, I have plenty of other stuff in my pockets.

ZipIT2: At some point I updated to another custom userland and got a few apps running on it (DosBox for example). However, development seemed to have slowed and it now sits on a shelf. The initial $25 investment was worth the learning experience.

Archos 5IT: I used this a lot over the last year as my bedside media consumption device. Watched videos, RSS feeds, Twitter, email, web, digital comics. Even without Google Market access it turned out being a good purchase. Currently it sits on my desk (for reasons which will be clear on a future post) occasionally used to play Angry Birds. And finally …

Ultima Online: Yup, still on the UO. 13 years. I need help. Updates to follow.