Where are they now?

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Ever wonder what happened to all the gadgets mentioned here last year? I didn’t think so, but I’ll write about it anyway.

Fit-PC Slim: Still running strong. Been on 24/7 since purchase, hidden behind a Batman action figure. Convenient headless Linux box, and possibly the best ‘NAS’ device I’ve ever owned. Love it.

Dell Mini 9: Mostly sits on a shelf. Updated the RAM to 2gig. Still running OSX, iLife, etc. No real complaints, just haven’t really needed a netbook lately but considering its resale value, I’ll keep it for coolness factor.

Nokia N810: Boxed. Been meaning to sell it for a while now, just haven’t gotten around to it. Last few attempts a new project would catch my eye, but then dwindle like so many others before. It is still a very useful device, just not for me (reason why will be clear in a future post).

Sony PSP: Still my favorite handheld game system. It gets used when games I am interested in come out. Didn’t feel the need to upgrade to the newer Go version, I have plenty of other stuff in my pockets.

ZipIT2: At some point I updated to another custom userland and got a few apps running on it (DosBox for example). However, development seemed to have slowed and it now sits on a shelf. The initial $25 investment was worth the learning experience.

Archos 5IT: I used this a lot over the last year as my bedside media consumption device. Watched videos, RSS feeds, Twitter, email, web, digital comics. Even without Google Market access it turned out being a good purchase. Currently it sits on my desk (for reasons which will be clear on a future post) occasionally used to play Angry Birds. And finally …

Ultima Online: Yup, still on the UO. 13 years. I need help. Updates to follow.