Nokia N900

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I have been using a Nokia N900 cell phone since April of last year. Paid the unsubsidized price so I could use a T-Mobile pay-as-you-go SIM for phone and text. My older N810 only had Wi-Fi, and I couldn’t justify the cost of a data plan for the rare occasion I’m not near a hotspot. So far I have been very pleased with this setup, with an average monthly cell phone cost of $8 I am now ahead of the game.

The N900 was marketed as a flagship device for the new Nokia OS, so the disappointing news of support for Meego being dropped in favor of Windows Mobile 7 had me discouraged. A reoccurring theme with Nokia that I should have learned from by now. Lucky, as with past devices, the community stepped up and is rolling out regular Community Seamless Software Updates (SSU). While this trend continues, my N900 will have use … until the inevitable replacement with some Android based device.